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About Us

Welcome to our cherry farm!  
Ambers Farm  tries to offer the most family friendly experience with the most cherry varieties, unique picking experience and after-picking relaxaton. We plan to offer 20 cherry varieties on easy-pick dwarf or low-pruned full-size trees. Our trees are color-coded with trunk colors and printable orchard maps to help you easily find the different cherries. Different cherry varieties allow early and later ripening times. This means we can open May through July with ripe cherries. We also offer grafts of multiple cherry varieties as well (See graft photo below). In addition to the cherries, we offer dozens of picnic, barbeque and kiddy play areas to let you relax after picking cherries. We have for family use... Radio Flyer wagons to haul the kids while picking cherries. We also offer blossom honey, refreshments, cherry pitters and Ambers t-shirts.
Ambers Farm is  a safe clean environment. We are a "green" orchard with recycle bins throughout, bio-degradable bags and containers and no pesticides or herbicides in our orchard. We try to maintain a "smoke-free" environment throughout our orchard. Our orchard is well maintained with clean grounds ....carefully removing any trash and with weed and grass-free grounds throughout. We try to eliminate any pest problems such as red ants and other nasty pests to assure you and your kids of  a safe environment. Our trees are constantly pruned of any sharp twigs or bare branches that can cut or poke tender skin. Our staff is well identified wearing yellow Ambers t-shirts who can assist you with any questions, problems or directions. 
Ambers Farm has links to worthwhile causes such as the "Make-a-Wish Foundation" that offers services to terminal kids,  Public Broadcasting Service, etc. Our web site links to local activites and cultural events , local parks and recreation. These links are on the home page and last page of our web site. We offer classes for kid, church and school groups in cherry growing, pruning, fertilization, freeze control, pest control and new cherry developments out of Cornell University and UC Davis, etc.  Cornell has developed incredible high yield production methods such as the "tall-spindle" plantings of 1000 trees per acre!.. Also new incredible large row cherry varieties ("pearl" cherries) that are freeze resistant (bullet-proof) in the extreme cold of upstate New York.  UC Davis has developed freeze control techniques involving high canope pruning and bare-ground roto-tilling that retains day-time heat and generates decomposition methane keeping cherries warm during freezing temperatures.
In short....Ambers Farm is the "kid and family" orchard with the most cherry varieties, easy-pick trees, picking amenities and promotions, after picking recreation, safe family friendly environment, kid-friendly website links and educational experiences.. 

Andy G graft onto a Rainier tree
Brooks graft onto a Bing cherry tree.


9300 Leona Avenue
Leona Valley, CA 93551