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Opening Dates


 The following sweet cherry varieties will be ready on these dates:
SOLD OUT :Early Burlat, Tartarian, Brooks, Tieton, Black Pearl, Santina, Tulare, Glenare, Coral, Utah Giant, Chelan
SOLD OUT : Bing, Rainier, Burgundy Pearl, Vans, Ebony Pearl, Lapins, Radiance Pearl and Stella.

Always call us before coming for unexpected closures ! We may run out of ripe cherries temporarily and need to close a couple of days to allow cherries to ripen.

We open for private groups on weekdays to help you avoid the crowds.
...................... Just click  Contact Us to send us a note.

L Sold out of cherries. We will be selling local farm honey on weekends only. Please stay tuned online and hotline 661-622-7123

9300 Leona Avenue
Leona Valley, CA 93551