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Cherry Varieties

Cherry Varieties at Ambers Cherry Farm & Orchard Map


Ambers has different cherries
 ....cherry varieties not only to suit various customer tastes, but for pollination requirements and to give you ripe cherries over a longer harvest period. For example, Early Burlat, Tartarian, Andy G's Son, Tieton, Utah Giant, Black Pearl, Burgundy Pearl, Chelan and Brooks cherries are ripe the end of May and early June. Bings, Radiance Pearl, Ebony Pearl, Coral, Tulare, Glenare and Vans are ripe a week later. Rainier, Lapins, Stella, Santina and Sandra Rose ripen toward the middle/end of June.

Ambers has 21 cherry varieties because of you..the cherry customer. Since 1997 we have planted varieties specifically requested by customers. Bing, Rainier were the most popular...by far followed by Brooks, Tieton and Utah Giant. Recently customers were raving about the "big dark cherries" at Costco called Chelan, a new cherry out of Washington State. We have planted 36 of them. Customers were curious about the new cherries out of Cornell in New York called "pearls"...Ebony, Burgundy, Radiance and Black Pearls. We planted a sampling of them as well. As customers taste preferences change, we try to change as well. For example, Utah Giants have recently become a popular early cherry and we have since planted 75 Utah Giant trees. Customers also prefer early red sweet cherries and we have converted 40% of our inventory to early cherries..Brooks, Glenare, Tulare, Chelan, Black Pearl, Burlat to name a few... Bottom line..You get the cherries YOU want....That is Amber's marketing philosophy.

22 Cherry Varieties ! Over 600 Color Coded Trees ! Family Fun....Find Cherry Varieties by Finding Different Trunk Colors with Our Orchard Maps Below. Tieton Cherries Are As Big as a Quarter Coin!..WOW...See Illustration Below.

22 varieties available. Most distinctive shown.
Most distinctive cherries shown above.

 We have painted the tree trunks in our orchard distinct colors to help you identify the varieties of cherries. See the chart below for cherry descriptions and respective trunk color. Print it for picking. See orchard sketch/diagram below to see where the cherry varieties are in our orchard:

4 "Pearl" varieties described below maps.

Map of Amber's orchard below shows cherry tree placement, inventory, picnic, parking areas and adjacent structures/facilities, etc.:  


Ambers has over 650 trees


Ambers has planted an additional 288 new trees in 2014/15 giving us a total inventory of over 650 trees. Ambers has added 60 Utah Giants and several other popular varieties i.e. Brooks, Lapins, Stellas, etc. per customer request. Many of these are high producing root stocks that will be producing cherries in as little as 2 years.

We now has over 650 trees.
Ambers has over 650 trees.

288 new trees planted gives Ambers over 650 trees

To See How the Cherry Developes Click here...Stages

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