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Recipes and News

(Check this page for the latest recipes, news, weather i.e. freeze reports, opening date/time changes, marketing info.. etc.).

Why do cherry prices increase?
We have tried to keep cherry prices stable consistently over the years. However, as with any business (and with even your own households), costs definitely affect product prices.
Here are some of the factors affecting cherry prices...
Fuel costs have increased 140% in the past 4 years !
Electric, water and other utilities have increased 115% in the past 2 years !
Farm insurance has increased 140% in the past year !
Workman's Comp insurance (for farm labor) has increased 25% in the past year.
Fertilizer, chemical and supply (i.e. irrigation, pest control, etc.) costs have increased 35% in the past 2 years
Property taxes have increased 50% in the past 1 year.
Sales taxes (for farm supplies) have increased from 8.75% to 9%.
Marketing costs (i.e. postage, web fees, etc.) have increased 10% in the past 3 years.
These are many if not all of the factors affecting the price of cherries. We hope this brief cost analysis will hopefully help people understand why the cherry price in 2015 had a minor increase of 8% to pay increased costs. Price per pound increased from $3.75 to $3.95 in 2015. A $10 bucket of cherries rose approx to $10.50 for 2015. 

Weather Channel 10-day forecast for Palmdale, CA. (10 miles east & 1000 ft elevation lower than Leona Valley)... Click.. weather


Ambers Farm had a cameo part on PBS production of John Muir, A New World April 18, 2011 at 9pm.

Click to Preview John Muir Video & to Order Video

Local parks within 10 miles of Amber's Farm. Drive 10 miles east on Elizabeth Lake Road to this Palmdale parks area on map below. Lake Elizabeth and Lake Hughes are in the opposite direction 10 miles west on Elizabeth Lake Road. To print this image, save to file and then print.  All phone numbers below are area code "661"


Lake Elizabeth. 10 Miles West of Ambers Farm. Click Here !


For information on this great program click Make-a-Wish.

Cherries can fight diabetes?


Get the whole story. Check article for the details.


Cherry parade photos. Be sure to get into town before the roads close first Saturday in June 9am to 11am.


Cherry Pitter Available & Video Demo

We now have 26 picnic areas and a large barbeque area for our customers to use after picking and buying your cherries !

Cherry and wildflower honey is available at our cherry stand. Cherry pitters are also for sale. Ambers T-shirts are also available for $10.00.


Alternate fuels and vehicles now available. Click details.

For a fruit farm near you go to www.pickyourown.org for apples, peaches, pears and all other fruits and veggies.

Cherry Recipes of the Season !!!!! Click here..

Brandied Cherries     Cherry Ice Cream Sauce   Fresh Cherry Jubilee
Sour Cream Cherry Cake   Cherry Pie   Cherry Vege Roll-Up    Grab & Go Breakfast Cherry Calzone.

200 Recipe Cherry Cookbook available! Click book for details...


How to freeze and refrigerate cherries.........
Work with small amounts (3 to 5 pounds).
Method 1: Whole with stems: Spread cherries with stems intact in a single layer on a baking sheet. Freeze until firm. Pack into freezer-proof containers or plastic freezer bags; remove excess air, cover or fasten tightly and freeze.
Method 2: Dry Sugar Pack: Add 1/3 cup sugar for each pint of pitted or unpitted fresh sweet cherries; toss lightly to coat cherries. Fill freezer containers or bags; shake to pack fruit tightly. Add more cherries to fill containers or bags. Cover tightly and freeze.

Amber's favorite recipe ...


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